‘Purpose Driven Lives ?’ is inspired by the soundtrack of a British movie Wonderland (1999) by Michael Nyman. The story of the movie is about some lonely working-class Londoners and their ordinary lives. Someone is looking for love. Someone is complaining about her husband and the dog next door. Someone is expecting her first baby, Alice.

Life is beautiful but short. Some are even shorter than others. Every life has a purpose, but not every life lives for a purpose. Live without a purpose is a waste. Using the whole life pursuing nothing meaningful is the worst.

In this project, people may think that I am wasting valuable materials for nothing. Paint should be used on canvas, toilet paper should be used for cleaning, aluminium foil should be used for baking, cling film should be used for wrapping food, ribbon should be used for present, toothpaste should be used in the morning, tape should be used somewhere else … etc.

How about yourself ?

It was an installation (830×80cm) in an exhibition called AudioVision
at Elektrowerkz, London, in summer 2007.